Middle School

Social and Emotional Development

Knowing how demanding moving through the middle school years can be, our faculty understands the importance of building relationships with their students. We've developed a strong advisory program to provide information and a discussion forum to support the students as they develop into organized, self-advocating, responsible and respectful students. 


The goal of advising is to help Middle School girls learn to be organized, self-advocating, responsible students. Each girl is placed in a small group of her grade-level peers and is assigned to a faculty advisor who serves as her advocate throughout the school year.

Through small group discussion and one-on-one interactions, Middle School girls challenge themselves, develop a solid foundation of executive functioning skills and learn to be resilient in the face of academic and interpersonal relationships.

Mixed Grade Homeroom

Community and relationship building are very important aspects of Middle School at Baldwin. To support that effort, girls are placed in mixed grade homerooms to foster relationship building across the three grades. This is particularly important for incoming Grade 6 students as they transition from a Lower School setting.

Mixed Grade Classes

The Middle School supports a growth mindset approach to learning. We recognize that students learn content and skills in different ways and at different rates. As such, our math and language courses tend to be mixed grade to allow for students to progress at a level that makes sense for them. The added bonus to this approach supports the Middle School’s emphasis on community building.