Academic Support and Enrichment

The Academic Support and Enrichment Team at The Baldwin School consists of a Coordinator, one instructional coach in the Lower School and one in the Middle and Upper School.


As a community of diverse learners who believe that we all learn differently, we strive to create a collaborative professional environment where vulnerability of our practices through inquiry and dialogue are embraced, where implementation of research-based practices is standard and where students remain at the center of our mission.

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Lower School

The team collaborates with faculty to create an environment to reach students at all levels. The Instructional Coach supports teachers with diagnostic assessments in reading and math, leads whole and small group lessons and assists teachers in selecting materials for differentiated instruction. The Instructional Coach offers strategies to target the needs of the range of learners in each class. Math Olympiad is an example of an optional enrichment program offered to fourth and fifth grade students. In this program students are taught various strategies to solve challenging problems.

Additionally, the team provides professional development to our faculty, and conducts workshops throughout the year.

Upper and Middle School

As our students mature and encounter new experiences and challenges, support becomes even more multifaceted. Along with a student’s team of teachers and advisor, the Academic Support and Enrichment team monitors student academic progress and communicates regularly with faculty about student engagement, best practices in teaching, and learning accommodations. Our team collaborates closely with the Middle and Upper School Counselor. Depending on the level of identified need, the team will meet one-on-one or with groups of students to assist and support them in their academic goals. The Academic Support and Enrichment team also instructs students in the area of study skills including note-taking, test preparation methods, active reading strategies, and executive functioning skills including organization and time management skills. A central component of our work as a school is to help students learn to understand themselves as learners and to advocate for their needs.

Staying Current

The Academic Support and Enrichment Team continues to keep up with current research in instructional techniques and conducts mini-workshops on specific topics to keep faculty informed on new practices and strategies. They also observe faculty and provide support by offering alternative approaches or techniques to support the learning and understanding of all our students.

Parent Resource

The Academic Support Team is a resource to parents offering counsel on a variety of topics such as questions about academic performance, understanding a student’s strengths and areas of need and setting up support systems in school and out of school. We welcome your questions!

College Entrance Exams

Families interested in pursuing accommodations for college entrance exams should contact Pia Awal Beirne for information on procedure and timing.