Why An All-Girls School

Now, more than ever, an all-girls education provides students an invaluable opportunity at a crucial time of their development and helps girls become confident, successful and resilient young women.  Our experience and commitment to an all-girls environment makes us experts in how girls learn, thrive and succeed in school and in life.

Counter Gender Stereotypes

Baldwin girls believe anything is possible. Through an intentionally empowering environment, our students know their options are never limited by their gender. Starting with our youngest students, we create pathways for our girls to pursue ALL fields, eliminating any preconceived stereotypes.

Woven throughout our program, women are role models - female scientists, female authors, female artists. Our girls grow up with an unshakable confidence that any door is open to them. At Baldwin, every students' passion can become reality.

Create a Vibrant Sisterhood

Baldwin's close-knit community creates a deeply felt sisterhood amongst our students and teachers. This feeling of family is evident as you walk down our hallways, observe what goes on in class or watch how our students interact across divisions.

As part of this sisterhood, students feel supported by their peers and teachers. This leads naturally to increased collaboration as they share ideas and push each other to take risks as they learn. Across all grades and disciplines, our girls engage in group work and learn to confidently present their ideas. This helps prepare Baldwin students not just for college, but for their careers and life.

Encourage a Growth Mindset

We help our girls learn that to struggle with a concept doesn't mean they can't understand but that they don't understand it YET. "Yet" shifts the feeling of defeat and re-energizes their learning.

Baldwin's focus on experiential, active learning helps girls cultivate this growth mindset. Students are taught to try, fail, try again, maybe fail again, but keep trying. Our teachers work closely with each girl, in and out of the classroom, to give qualitative feedback and provide one-on-one time to meet each girl where she is in her learning. Baldwin's small class size also ensures that teachers can most effectively nurture our students' resilience and passion for the learning process.